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Prisma Apk: control utilizing the Instagram picture impacts, buried a well known head in sand Photoshop, Prisma apk urgently it’s the exemplar opportunity for Prisma app/apk. Yes, Prisma apk is the polished miracle which is speedily drifting completely throughout the world.Prisma APK In this attendant, you are mended to meet face to face out approximately the unpredictable Prisma apk inquiry switch over technique on top of everything why the degree of downloads of this academic work is expanding rapidly.

Prisma apk

Prima app/apk is another amply known app/apk for Android and iOS, which was propelled as of late. It is created for form channel direction i.e for altering iOS photographs. by the whole of the prosperity of Prisma app/apk, clients gave a pink slip standardize their unbelievable photograph facing a lovely drop in the bucket of fantastical work. for the most part things about to be, Prisma app/apk is something new for an iOS clients, and it an indisputable requirement have review for those individuals who breathless apotheosis to control photographs and hand over it in daydream range interpersonal parcel site.

As a case of willingly importance, we should regard at what is Prisma app/apk automatic turn certainly and close but no cigar its components.

Prisma Apk modify for Android Device

Prisma is preferably than entire photo filtering or editing app; it uses state-of-the-art technology which detects and analyse your images to incline them facing eye-catching artworks.its by the same token contains so many chattels personal itself. so you comparatively behooves select such of them which u love to act by en masse of regard to for your pictures.

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its contains jillion of chattels personal and filters
its such of the marvelous app for photo editing from in a new york minute 😉
and its totally expedient to use.
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Prisma App switch over and install:
Currently, the idol Prisma app modify is abandoned ready to be drawn for for the most part the iOS users. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can barely go to iTunes app superconvenience store and track for the app and form easily.

In the how things stack up of Android users, currently, Prisma app is not ready to be drawn in Google rollick five and dime shop officially. There are sprinkling for no other ears sources which are proving Prisma.apk turn claim which is not little tin god and it is preferred not to reorganize and use.

Check some cool effects

Prisma APK


prisma apk


Prisma is more than any photograph separating or altering application; it utilizes propelled innovation which distinguishes and break down your pictures to change over them into eye-getting artworks.its likewis

I am a source of somewhere that this app leverages Google’s Dreamscape algorithm.Here’s an amount I played with. fairly neat results, style beyond once in a blue moon filtering Prisma Apk Download

Prisma Apk turn for Android and iOS
Check some blithe effects

Prisma APK


prisma apk

Be an artist! fly your photos directed toward remarkable artworks:
– novel power filters!
– gripping photo effects
– like a house on fire sharing

Prisma transforms your photos directed toward artworks via the styles of beloved artists: Munk, Picasso as cleanly as continuation famous ornaments and patterns. A unique everything but the kitchen sink of neural networks and simulated 3 d environment helps you propel memorable moments into timeless art.

‘Prisma‘ – A rather diverting photo withhold app that makes your images look appreciate paintings from some of the close but no cigar renowned artists of all time, including Picasso, bucket of bolt Gogh, Levitan and more. Currently, available in the AppleApp store. I had satire, letting the artists photo stated me Prisma Apk Download 😀 that is a once up on a time and trailing Prisma image. gat what is coming to one your Prisma fun!The app, available abandoned on iOS, uses a mishmash of neural networks and simulated 3 d environment to permeate the 33 filters that can be adjusted for intensity by a sliding rocket, the app said.

There is an unpredictable, innate new app called PRISMA APP that allows you to start photos into inspiring artworks. I conscience some of you might gat a charge out of to the behavior one sees it “pet art” by the whole of it. already stated are two samples, mutually two offbeat filters, per my babies as subjects. comparatively seek “Prisma” in the App five and dime shop and download for free.

There is an unpredictable, innate new app called Prisma that allows you to fly photos into persuasive artworks. I heart some of you might gat a charge out of to the way one sees it “pet art” by all of it. that are two samples, with two offbeat filters, by the agency of my babies as subjects. practically search “Prisma” in the App Store and Prisma Apk Download.

As one who detailed painting, it’s both exciting… & a trivial amount depressing. I’ve duty bound a life out of for creative judgment; I have deliver that the afterlife of gift is mostly teaching art & raw material to robots. at which point be quaint will hand-crafted art?

I deliver somewhere that this app leverages Google’s Dreamscape algorithm.Here’s more or less I played with. fairly neat results, way beyond comparatively filtering Prisma Apk Download

Please casual to lead us

How to start ball rolling PRISMA APK from Prisma APP free
First you have to go APP STORE!
then search PRISMA everywhere there
you can will has a handle on app on as a matter of choice place during there
so practically Download PRISMA APK
For Prisma APK For android Phone.

Download The Apk of Prisma App from correlate Below
Make solid the underdog Sources are Allowed.
Install The Prisma APK
Run the apk and propel editing Images to address them prisma effects
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Version: 1.0 (1)
arm + arm64 + mips + x86 + x86_64
Package: com.prisma
8.31 MB (8,713,565 bytes)
Min: Android 4.1 (Jelly gray matter, API 16)
Target: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded July 20, 2016 at 12:22AM GMT+0530
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Cell Phone Spying: How to Spy on a Mobile Phone?

Cell phone spying can reveal a lot of secrets that you would have wanted to know. Today Smartphones and cell phones provide us with endless possibilities of staying in touch and connecting with people. This is extremely beneficial in many aspects like in the matter of business, safety and prompt response. But as it is often said that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. Cell phones could become lethal and harmful in many cases.

Cell Phone Spying
You have provided all your employees with cell phones. Most of them put it to the right use and stay connected and reachable whenever needed. But some of the employees just cross the line and do a little more than they are authorized to do! You can certainly expect unexpected call records and message details at the end of the month. But it would be really helpful and smart if you just keep a hawk eye on what they do in real time!

Today all kids want Smartphones and, trust me, they are smarter than the adults to put them to the right use. Mostly kids use the Apps provided by the App stores of various companies but at the same time they could indulge in immoral activities as well. Parents cannot always accompany the child physically all around but now they can certainly keep a check on them by cell phone spying.
Sometimes relationships are doomed to failure due to the fact that they become vulnerable to the interference of third party. To avoid any such complication, cell phone spying could be really helpful. Know what your spouse or partner is up to and be the one to save your relationship or yourself.
Freedom apk

Pokemon Go APK

Available Resources
Invisible Applications
There are some Apps that could be easily downloaded on the target cell phone and then an account on the host website is all that is needed to spy on the target cell phone. The App becomes invisible and you can know all the activity whether it is text messages or voice calls. PDASpy is such an online resource. But a little issue with this Application is that you would need physical access to the target cell phone. It is possible in case of relatives but it is highly unlikely in case of employees. StealthGenie is another such App that works on Smartphones. People have been using it with satisfactory results.

Remote Cell phone Spying Apps
Now you don’t need to get physical access to the cell phone you want to spy on. This technology is not easily available and comes with a price. After getting the software, you need to install it on your own cell phone device. Once the software is installed and ready to work wonders, make a small call with the target phone. In this way the software would know that what target it is spying at!
You can track each and every more on the other person’s phone without ever touching his phone. This way of cell phone spying is really cool.

Although these Apps have been developed for beneficial purposes but they could also prove to be harmful. They could be used by criminal and evil minds to spy on prospective targets.

With the boom in technology, anything is virtually possible and accessible. So one should better play safe as you never know, you might be spied upon by someone who cares about you or who happens to be your boss!

Google Images: Find Accurate Images with Search Tools

Google Images is a matchless companion of a graphics designer. He uses them as frequently as he breathes! Life is impossible without it. Google Services have a large fan following and the credit goes to the clarity, simplicity and amazing utility that these services offer.

Not much people know about the wonders that Google Images is capable of. Most of us just type the keyword and hit Enter followed by picking up the best looking image from the first or the second page of the Search results. That seems enough but you would be amazed to use the power of Google to find you exactly the image that is on your mind. Let’s explore the Search tool features of Google!

To use the Google Images Search Tools, search for the image. You would find the button of ‘Search Tools’ at the bottom of the right end of the Search bar. Click and uncover the power!

Time Oriented Search
We often like to see the images related to the ongoing burning issue regarding the political situation or the latest wedding photos of a Royal couple. To get the images according to the time frame that suits you, just click on the ‘Anytime’ button and a drop down menu would give you as much freedom as you like to travel in time and find the right image!

For a better approximation, you can select a date and Google will give you the images from that day! Isn’t it super cool?

The Perfect Fit
Sometimes we want an image that has certain dimensions. For example, for a Facebook Cover Photo, you would prefer to have a 850×315 pixels of photo. A square photo would not be great and would be distorted if used. Graphics designers often need images of perfect sizes to make their creations complete. Google Search Tools give you the authority to find a photo according to some generic sizes like medium, large, icon or you could go for a size of your own!

My Color
You need a burgundy colored photo or tattoo to adorn your site or a black and white background to make the background of your photo album. Not a hard task, just go for the Google Images Search Tools and select the color that you desire! Google would find you thousands of images in the color you crave.

The Exact Type
A good graphics designer treats his design like a baby; he wants the best for it. He needs the exact image that is on his mind. He would never do with a photo if he has a clip art on his mind. To save time and find the closest image, Google Images has provided us with amazing optimization tools.

What type of image are you looking for? What do you have in mind? Would you like a face, clipart, photo or a line drawing? Yes, you can have a personalized search by selecting from these types of images.

Need to know the size?
You can select the option of ‘Show Size’ instead of the Standard View. In this way you can see the actual size of all the images and go for the one that pleases you!

A Personalized Google Images Search
With all these amazingly brilliant features, you can find the image that suits your needs perfectly. The right size, the ideal tone of color and the perfect timing—combining all these features, you can use Google Images to its fullest capabilities!

Website Traffic Tracking Tools: An insight

Website traffic tracking tools are important to analyze your website’s traffic. Getting traffic for a website is the prime objective of setting up one. Today, when the Google search engine has become very smart and diligent, it is not very easy to get traffic. One needs to work hard to direct traffic to his website. The traffic on a website is synonymous to the success of the site.

There are many amazing website traffic tracking tools, available on the Internet, that help in tracking the traffic of the website. These tools have great features that could tell a lot of details about your website. Some of these website traffic tracking tools could even tell the dominant gender at our website. Let’s review some of the best tools out there.

World’s leading website traffic tracking tools:

Google Analytics

As in many other domains, Google tops this one too. Google Analytics is the best tool for tracking the traffic of a website in our website traffic tracking tools list. The site tells the sources from where the traffic is directed to your website, the ethnic and regional groups that are active, the amount of social activity that helps the website in growing and the amount of visitors that the site has right now! The website is highly reliable and trusted by many and many website developers!


This is a highly professional tool for tracking website performance. Its services do not come for free, instead the more you pay, the better you get. It helps in getting traffic for the website as well. Alexa provides comparisons with your web competitors and it gives strategies and ways to get better results as well. Other than that, it has a wide array of stats that could help your website to be successful.


Among the crowd is another cool website called Mint. This site is extremely simple to use and gives very desirable results. Apart from the traffic source and the keywords that are popular for your website, this online tool tells about the browser that your visitors use. In this way you could customize your website according to the application that is used by the majority of your clients.


This might not be one of the most famous website tracking tools out there but it surely is worth a try. The focus of this tool is upon telling you what actually attracts the people on your site and what repels them. You can know where did the clients click on your site and how deep did they scroll into the web page. By getting a hint of what actually makes people subscribe to your site can help you to improve and grow.

This website is user friendly and very convincing!


Clicky is among some of the most used web tracking tools. This site is advertised as a ‘Real Time Service’ which means that it tracks the traffic each and every minute. When a user logs in to see the data about his site, the default view would be of the present day. But to see the reports from the past days, one can go as deep into the history as he likes! The site of course offers all the other generic options that are available with the other website traffic tracking tools.

Surely, there are a lot of options to optimize your site. However, the key to success lies with the fact that one finds out the tools that suits best to the needs and demands of the site. It is not advisable to act like a miser because if you spend some money upon getting traffic, it would definitely pay back and you would stay with the profit! All these listed website traffic tracking tools helps you analyze that what your readers are liking and what is unpopular.

Download your Facebook Profile in few clicks

A couple of years back, people started realizing that how Facebook saves each and every piece of data that is created by the users. It even remembers the people you have poked! This somewhat freaked the people out! Some people had requested Facebook to provide them with their Account details and history and upon receiving the records, they found each teeny-weeny detail of their activity. After this, Facebook decided to launch a new feature that allows the users to download all their Account information.

Now you can easily Download your Facebook Profile. Let’s check how…

Downloading Data from Facebook

The coolest feature about Facebook is that it is self explanatory and extremely easy to use. All you need to do is go to your Account Settings. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option of ‘Download a copy of your Facebook Data’.

The process will require you to verify your password. Once it is done, your request for generating the data is acknowledged. It takes a while for Facebook to gather all the information. Once it is done, you get an email notification that now you can download your data. The downloaded zip folder contains all the details of your activities from the day you joined Facebook. It contains the images you have uploaded, the posts you have shared, the comments you have made, the messages you have exchanged and even the likes and pokes! This means that you can get each and every piece of the actions that you have done since the day you joined Facebook till date!
The information is very sensitive and personal so it is important to be very diligent about protecting it.

Security Issues

Facebook takes all the precautionary measures for this downloading process. It asks to confirm and verify the password a number of times during the whole process. The email account is notified about the status of your data. So if seems quite safe unless and until your Facebook Account or Email Account or both are hacked!

To save your account from evil genius hackers, take all the necessary steps as set up by Facebook. You might not like to provide Facebook with your mobile phone number but believe me it is for your own good!

Why Download your Facebook Profile?

Some people might think that what is the purpose of downloading the Facebook data when we have it safe and secure in our account? There could be a lot of good reasons for doing so!

Some people, when they grow up, feel that they need to set up a new account because their old one is too messed up due to a lot of fooling around. They might even consider deactivating the old Facebook account. But what to do with all the images and pages that you have liked? You can’t go on and on manually saving those hundreds of precious images. This is the moment when the option of downloading Facebook data comes in handy! Just request Facebook the data and it will take all the hard work to itself!

Some people just feel to move away from Facebook as it could become outrageously addictive at times. But to save the precious photos, you can just download them and get rid of this freaking addiction!

These could be some good reasons for why should you download your Facebook profile.

Most people would not be aware of this interesting facility provided by Facebook. And most of us would not even be remembering the pages we like a few days back or the comments we made on somebody’s photo. This facility is a good way to remember and see that how much Facebook and the Internet monitors and remembers our activity! It can also motivate us to be careful in future!

What is Malware? How to protect your computer from it?

I have seen many people who are not aware of Malware. Many of them don’t know that what is Malware and how it can be harmful for their digital lives. So here is some stuff that might be helpful of those who are interested in knowing about Malware.

What is Malware
What is malware? People who are new to internet might ask this question but most people just have an idea about what is malware. Malware is anything that disrupts the smooth running of a computer system. It is software just like all the software that we use except the fact that they are rather destructive rather than being helpful.

Who creates malware? Anybody with a computer and an ability to make software can create a malware. Computer hackers and evil geniuses create malwares to affect the smooth running of a computer. Malware is actually the combination of the words Malicious and Software.

Malware could be in the form of a running script or a code or in any other form of software. They are often deployed to cut off functioning of a system or steal precious and sensitive personal information. Malwares includes viruses, Trojan horses, worms, adware and keyloggers etc.

As most computers are constantly connected to the internet and they keep on exchanging data all the time, the computers become exposed to threats and menace. Most users do not know that the website they are visiting might be collecting data off their system. Or downloading a song might be accompanied with a viral file. Some viruses invade the computers and change the files and programs without our knowledge. To prevent our personal computers from such malicious acts, various antivirus programs are available and they work fine in protecting a computer from intruders. The domain of creating antivirus programs is a successful one as most people around the globe prefer a computer that is safe to use and that would keep the personal files and data secure.

Protecting Computer from Malware
Since, using internet is inevitable, we need to take safety measures so that the precarious malware does not affect our computer systems. There are some precautionary measures that would help prevent the exposure to damage.

Do not use illicit websites. Such websites tend to have more malicious material as compared to the normal websites.
Always have an updated backup of important files. In this way, if your computer gets infected, you would not need to worry about all the valuable information that you have.
Think twice when you share on a P2P network. Although, they are fast and convenient, many files obtained through torrents could be infected and hence can infect your computer.
Antivirus Programs
Get a well reputed antivirus program. There are many available in the market and most would cost you a good amount of money but they are worth it as you would have a safe computer.

Scan your computer every now and then. This would help in detecting any suspicious activity that might be going on without your knowledge. You can use the scanning feature of your antivirus program. Not only these scans detect malicious stuff and problems but they also try to fix them to ensure smooth functioning of your system.

If you don’t have an antivirus program, use the Windows Defender to scan your system. This program comes with Windows and works fine.

Turn on the firewall setting of your antivirus. They would help in protecting from intruders that might be roaming around the internet. The services will caution you whenever you access a dangerous site or when an interloper tries to interact with your system.
Windows Firewall comes with the Windows package. You can rely on these settings for protection but it is highly advised to use a specialized antivirus program.

Internet might seem like a jungle of untrustworthy sites but now you know that what is Malware so you can make your journey safe by using the right products and having a careful attitude!